The Montessori program is based on a three-year cycle. We strongly recommend that children remain in the program for at least three-years.

Montessori School of Lakewood does not discriminate as to race, religion, or cultural or economic background.

Application Procedure

  1. The school is observed by parents (without child/ren) if classes are in session. Click here to schedule a class observation time,
    or call us at (303)232-7030 to schedule an observation.

  2. An application for enrollment with an application fee is received by the school.

  3. Interview of the child and parents will be requested. Notification of acceptance will be sent.

  4. Admission is secured upon receipt of a signed Tuition Agreement by the school, accompanied by the tuition deposit as stated
    in the Tuition Agreement.

Applications received after school has begun will be dated as received. Each child will be considered on an individual basis as space allows.

Please call for an appointment or for further information.